Please Stock Up

Please stock up on what we have left.

I do apologize but when operating costs such as Inventory systems ect raise there rates to the point you can no longer afford to buy inventory. Its time to make a big dissension.

On December 21st we will be moving back to Ebay. 

In the mean time we are selling out the products still on the website.

Please do not make offers for buy outs. Our prices are still mostly priced from pre  pandemic prices already.


I kept hoping there would be a new normal and would be able to survive and rebuild.  But its time to hang it up. All the company's that support small business have gotten out of control.  They all seem to think they need a big slice of any profit you may be able to make.  By the time I total up all there fees they are over 50% of the full sale the other 50% is the cost of inventory. So I am most of the time selling below cost on everything.


My return to Ebay will be to liquidate what is left in lots. 

Its time to work towards being fully retired.