Lapis Jade 4mm Faceted Dyed Gemstone Rondelle Beads 15 Inch Loose B2-Sc1B74

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Lapis Jade 4mm Faceted Dyed Gemstone Rondelle Beads 15 Inch Loose . The typical Jade used for Dying is a Snow Jade. Snow Jade: is the common term used to describe a translucent to opaque white variety of Quartz. More accurately referred to as "Snow Quartz" or "Milky Quartz". Jade: is an ornamental stone. The term "Jade" specifically applies to two different rocks, Nephrite and Jadeite, that are made up of different silicate minerals. Both types of Jade are tough, since they consist of dense, close-grained, matted aggregates, but they differ from one another in their chemical composition and colors. Nephrite ranges mainly from mid to dark green or grey-green, but it can also be white, yellowish or reddish. Rarer, and somewhat tougher, Jadeite displays hues which include green, but also white or pink, and reds, blacks, browns and violets. In both minerals, the way the color is distributed varies a great deal. Only in the very finest Jade is the color evenly distributed. Both Nephrite and Jadeite often have veins, blemishes and streaks running through them, though these may not always be regarded as flaws. On the contrary, some of these patterns are considered particularly valuable.

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