Azurite Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla: is a copper bearing mineral that is often confused with Turquoise. A relatively soft stone, it has variegated colors of blue and green and is most often found wherever copper deposits occur, especially in the southwestern US, Australia, Chili, Zaire, England and France. Chrysocolla is associated with the feminine energy and is said to foster communication and creativity. Azurite: (also called "Lazurite") is an intense deep blue colored copper mineral produced by weathering of copper ore deposits. It is also known as 'Chessylite' after the Chessy-les-Mines near Lyon, France, where striking specimens have been found. A fairly soft stone, it registers a hardness between 3 and 4 on the Moh's scale. Different sources claim the name is derived from the Persian word "lazhward" or from the Arabic word "azul", both of which mean "blue". It often occurs with Malachite, Chrysocolla or Turquoise areas with copper deposits. Azurite is found in Australia, Chile, France, Mexico, Morocco, Namibia, the southwestern USA, and Zaire